Forked tongues

I see in the paper we are again in store for a countywide property reassessment. Let me say upfront, I am all in favor of everyone paying their fair share. With that said, I cannot understand how taxing only owners of property to fund County/ Local Governments and School Districts could be considered as everyone paying their fair share. I do believe a good deal of people enjoy the benefits of these entities, without the “luxury” of owning a home.

When the gaming bill was pushed through state government a few years ago and casinos were permitted to operate in Pennsylvania, we were promised this to be the solution to the problem of Property owners carrying the burden of funding education. We were to see great reductions in the amount of Property Taxes we are asked to pay. That has not yet happened. Yes we are seeing a reduction, however the reported earnings of the Gaming industry in PA do not equate to the small reductions we are seeing on our tax notices. Where is all this money being diverted to?

Hum could it be “white man speak with forked tongue”?

Shame on you, the politicians, and shame on us, the voters, for allowing you to remain in office and erode what has for centuries been the ultimate dream of owning and keeping your own home. It is way past time to finally address this problem and make all residents of Pennsylvania, not only the property owners pay equally to provide income for the education system and County/Local governments.

Crystal Follmer


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom