What do you think about joining a nonviolent civil disobedience action against Congress and the President?

Congress and the President are “hired” by us (through our votes) and are paid to work for us. But they are not doing it. Our country hasn’t had an approved Federal budget in four years. Our Federal deficit stands at more than $16 trillion and is growing by hundreds of millions of dollars each day.

Yet the president and Congress continue to play childish games rather than face up to their responsibilities and do the job we are paying them to do.

We can stop this!

Will you join a nonviolent protest group to engage in civil disobedience by refusing to submit your Federal tax return for this year?

Obviously one of the major concerns about participating in this is about being arrested. That can be solved by taking a page from Mahatma Gandi’s brilliant work to achieve India’s independence. The secret to success is in the numbers.

If I refuse to file my federal taxes, I will eventually be arrested. If you and I and 20 others do this together, we’ll still be arrested eventually.

But they cannot arrest 1,000,000 of us!! And that is exactly what I am suggesting. Let’s band together to form a 1,000,000 or greater person strong group all of whom refuse to submit their Federal tax returns! The government cannot arrest 1,000,000 people!!

Let’s send a strong message to the President and Congress that we refuse to pay them until they do the work we pay them to do. Gandhi won in India by uniting thousands, then hundreds of thousands and ultimately millions of Indian citizens in refusing to pay the British salt tax.

They also stopped buying cotton clothes made in Britain and made their own “homespun” instead. This was so successful that even the British workers laid off from their jobs in the textile industry because of the drop in sales, applauded the spunk of the Indians for their courage in taking these actions.

The hour is late and the time is now. Will you join in this action? Let’s start now by circulating this idea widely among our friends, Facebook contacts and others to get the ball rolling! If any have contacts in the news media, radio or television, why not share this call to action with them, for through publicity we can achieve great visibility. We have nothing to lose to try to get a group of 1,000,000 or more together.

And only then will we initiate our plan.

Grant Berry Jr.


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom