Go pigs

Sunday’s Sun-Gazette had an article regarding the state game commission’s concern about the feral hogs. They would like to get rid of all these wild pigs because the pigs “tear up the fields, forests, and orchards with their tusks and hooves”. The animals are considered “non-native, invasive species”. We have a worse non-native, invasive species doing considerable more damage to our fields and forests with their trucks and rigs than a few pigs could ever do with their tusks and hooves: The gas industry. However, the state doesn’t appear worried about this damage to our wilderness areas or our wildlife populations. In fact, they are encouraging and supporting it.

Richard Allen, Secretary of the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources wrote a letter Aug. 10 to Anadarko Petroleum indicating a desire to lease a priceless tract of the Loyal State Forest for gas development for $22 million. This tract of land contains the Old Logger’s path, a 27-mile hiking trail, the Devil’s Elbow Natural Area, and much of the Rock Run watershed, a stream considered the most beautiful in Pennsylvania.

Doesn’t it seem a strange that the state wants to ban the pigs, but at the same time they encourage the gas companies to tear up precious wilderness areas! They would have to be some pretty big pigs to do the damage gas companies do. If the state could find a way to make lots of money from the pigs, and gas companies weren’t paying big bucks to ruin our fields and forests, things would be different. I’ll “root” for the pigs!!

Marty McCormick

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom