Grumpy Old Party

What is WRONG with the GOP? I always considered myself a conservative Republican farmer i.e. let me alone!

But lately I am just about to change my party registration. If it were up to the GOP now, it would take 6 months to decide whether to feed the cows, or let them starve.

In the morning there is always a decision as to who will feed the cows. As a good retired Republican who believes in compromise, I wait until the door slams before I get out of bed. But, I also realize there are times when I must do my part in the compromise so on days when my wife goes to work, I feed the cows! Why can’t these people in Congress work together??

The GOP seems to be hung up on Benghazi.

It is sad that 4 Americans lost their lives in Libya, but that is nothing more than a tragic car accident! The recent broadcast of Hubris on MSNBC gave a lot of insight into a much more tragic incident in recent history, an unnecessary war in which thousands lost their lives due to faulty intelligence. But that was a Republican administration so the Fox News hounds seem to have no problem with that terrible chapter in our history.

Can’t the two major parties make an attempt to work together to make this country great again, or am I going to have to feed the cattle every morning!

Jay D. Myers


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom