Hear us

I do not feel like our voices are being heard. Perhaps a letter to the editor would help the White House hear our concerns.

My questions are:

1) Why must Federal employees jobs and salaries be cut by 20 percent to balance the budget? Most everyone in our nation is struggling to make ends meet, and all citizens, including federal employees, cannot afford to carry the burden of less money and more taxes. Are the salaries of the President, Congress, and the Senate being reduced by 20 percent as well?

2) Why not cut foreign aid by 20 percent instead?

3) Why does the military have to bear the brunt of cutbacks? A weak, understaffed military, makes for a weak, vulnerable countryour national security is being seriously jeopardized.

4) Why don’t huge financial institutions, who were bailed out, by the government, not obligated to extend the same consideration to the thousands of needy students, with student loans? Many cannot find work in the field they studied, and are making minimum wage… If not legally obligated to do so, surely the financial institutions have a moral obligation to be as charitable as the government has been to them.

5) What ever happened to our government being “OF the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE and FOR the PEOPLE?

6) “One Nation Under GOD.” This nation was founded on the premise of Religious Freedom. Why is it being taken from us?

7) Our “Right to Bear Arms?” You remember the old saying”When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” The law-abiding citizens are being put in serious jeopardy. As our economy worsens, the crime rate goes up, and again, the law-abiding citizens, and society, as we know it, suffers the consequences.

8) It appears the U.S., may be on the verge of collapse, financially, militarily and morally.

9) I believe, President Obama has the opportunity to become the greatest president in US history, if he will re-evaluate the decisions above; and truly consider “We the People”, (all of the people) before it is too late. He truly has the ability to save the U.S.

Kathy Kopchinski


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom