The Justice Department is once again running interference on yet another investigation involving NASA’s Ames Research Center giving critical missile and navigational info to China. This is the same NASA that used junk science to prove global warming which supports a Carbon Tax which would give China even a greater industrial advantage.

That’s right, China is building more and more coal fired electrical plants as President Obama is doing everything he can to close ours down! Remember Fast and Furious and Benghazigate? Does anyone out there find it odd that we are now borrowing close to 46 percent of our national budget and President Obama doesn’t think we are spending enough? Oh how Obama’s Communist father would be so proud of him. Obama in conjunction with Associated Press , Goldman Sachs and the Federal Reserve have done more economic damage to America than all our enemies since 1776! And where is the rage from Senator Pat Toomey and Congressman Thomas Mario?! I’d expect Sen Casey to fall on his sword for King Obama. But where are the Republicans that really care and are willing to speak out?

Joseph DuPont


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