Interesting commentary

I took a long hiatus on reviewing editorials in the paper but have recently come back to read some interesting commentary on healthcare and the skyrocketing budget crisis. In case people are purposely ignoring the facts, here’s an important one for you: $16.7 trillion. This will be the accumulated debt of the United States of America in about a month. It seems so many either do not know this or choose to not care about it. People seem to grasp that the president and congress cannot come to terms on what needs to be done.

Taxes will need to go up unfortunately. Roll everything back to the Clinton era rates. Economically the 90s were some of the best in history so don’t give me the argument it will kill the economy. Second, government spending is cut, specifically to the three drivers of debt (healthcare spending, defense, and Social Security is roughly $2.4 trillion annually!). Spending in these areas has exploded over the past 10-15 years and we need to start getting back to reality that it is unsustainable. There would be a 2- or 3-year period were things would be gradually shifted so people can adapt to having less money and less benefits. All people need to do their share to help with this crisis, not just one part of the population. These would create more revenue and less government spending and get this country back on the right track to prosperity.

Adam Bachman


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom