Irresponsible behavior

I am writing concerning the irresponsible behavior of the Republicans and budgetary concerns. They throw trillions of dollars on the country’s credit card for wars and tax-cuts for the ultra-wealthy during Bush and try to cut everything down to PBS and the EPA under President Obama under the guise of fiscal responsibility. But then their budget wants to give another $500 billion more to the military, repeal the financial reforms, repeal Obamacare and deny those with preexisting conditions the ability to get health care, turn Medicare into a voucher program with high deductibles, cut student aide, food and unemployment benefits from the economy they tanked. This is exactly why they’re the most hated individuals in the country, and these policies and the Ryan Budget should be made transparent to the American people so that everyone knows where they stand.

James McCauley

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom