Jersey Shore schools

With regard to the article in the Sun-Gazette on Tuesday covering the Jersey Shore Area School District Board meeting, it was not reported that the 2013-2014 school calendar is going to be effected by the “renovation/addition” work being done at Jersey Shore Elementary.

The residents of the borough whose children attend, and will attend the Jersey Shore Elementary School were not informed in that article of the plan to already move the fourth and fifth grade to the middle school in the fall; and possibly have an outlying elementary school integrated in there also.

They plan to keep the kindergarten through third grades at the elementary school; hopefully not during the asbestos abatement. Perhaps the residents of the borough should realize that it is not just the kids and parents of the outlying schools who are and should be concerned, and not just the residents in Nippenose, Salladasburg and Avis whose taxes will increase. We are all in this together

Tammy Baier


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom