Leftist ideology

If a conservative tries to adhere to a set of moral standards, but divorces, has a child out-of-wedlock, or commits some other moral failing, they are derided as a phony or hypocrite by the left. However, the left makes no moral judgments against adherents to their ideology because the left has no set of moral standards. The leftist can have multiple marriages, multiple extramarital affairs, multiple out-of-wedlock births, neglect their children, encourage or participate in multiple abortions, perform any type of perverse or criminal act and be glorified for it. And anyone disagreeing with the left is branded a hater.

The left believes carbon emissions from cars and cows are one of the greatest dangers faced by humanity. Though there is not definitive evidence that humans are affecting the climate, climate change, which was formerly global warming and before that global cooling, is a cornerstone of the leftist ideology. Even though fossil fuels were not burned, and animals exhaled and released bodily gases during previous changes in climate, the left believes climate change is manmade.

By contrast, scientific evidence proved the universe had a beginning at which time all space, matter, time, and energy came into existence. The only logical conclusion to a beginning is a beginner or creator. The irrefutable scientific evidence concerning the structure of the cell eliminates a naturalistic explanation for the origin of life. The existence of the simplest cell requires all its parts are present and in the right order at the same time. There is no naturalistic mechanism for a cell to develop from non-living matter. The left accepts manmade climate change as factual without definitive evidence, but ignores the definitive evidence against macro-evolution because it does not conform to their ideology.

Abortion, a cornerstone of leftist ideology, assists in reducing carbon emissions. Releasing a small amount of carbon into the atmosphere from a decomposing body is preferable to the continuous release of carbon into the atmosphere from exhaling and releasing bodily gases over a lifetime.

The left aligns itself with terrorist groups both secular and religious based. The left worships at the altar of government, but supported the actions of protesting public servants damaging the Wisconsin Capital building.

Christian conservatives are deemed fanatical and primitive by the left, but the left ignores the scientific evidence that points only in the direction of a creator. The left believes the Bible is a book of fairy tales, but there is visual evidence of a miracle and therefore proof of the existence of God on the latter part of the DVD – The Bible Explorer Series: Search for Mount Sinai. Why is the entire mountain fitting the description of Mount Sinai fenced off by a foreign government to deny access? The scientific evidence against macro-evolution and the discovery of this miracle are not reported by the leftist dominated media because the evidence does not conform to the leftist articles of faith – there are no standards of morality and there is no God.

Ted Mahaffey


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom