Loving animals

I love animals! Do you? Believe me, you should. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the ASPCA. Many animals and workers there need better materials, the animals can’t speak for themselves, and the cats, dogs, and other animals there need human interactions. Those are just a few things the ASPCA needs, but we can always give more.

One reason you should donate to the ASPCA is because they need better materials. What’s your favorite food? Some cats and dogs may not like their food since the ASPCA can’t afford nicer food. If we donate some of our own cats’ and dogs’ favorite food, maybe they would eat more if they like it. Maybe we could all donate warm blankets so the lazy or ill animals can lay down on a cozy blanket. Our hyper kittens always need to play with new fun toys! We can help them by giving.

You and I can talk as easy as pie, but our furry friends can only “meow” or “woof.” How do we know what they really want? Kitties and puppies need different toys going by age, so we should donate a variety of them. If they whimper or whine, we have to be attentive. Animals can talk with other pets, but not to humans. They also cannot ask for love, so we could go and pet them. If they never play with a toy we donate, don’t repeatedly throw it at them, they may think you want to hurt them. So watch for their unique signs, and donate your money to these needy creatures.

Do you know why a lot of animals end up in the ASPCA? Animal abuse. Many cats and dogs are now terrified of humans, so we need to help them learn to trust and love again. Take your time to visit these precious animals! People can also play with the shelter animals so they become more active. Plus I’m sure you need a hug once in a while, and so do the scared animals there so they feel more at home, and not like they’re just locked in a kennel. Love can always warm your heart.

Dori Savage


5th Grade

Ashkar Elementary