Mayor must go

Since the arrival of Gabriel Campana we have seen nothing but increased taxes and ‘tourist-driven’ business ventures.

Most recently the tax payers are being burdened by the decision to bring the Williamsport Outlaws to town; as a result of the team bailing on the city and leaving us with unpaid utility bills and damage to Bowman Field.

You have an entire Empty Field right next the baseball field, you mean to tell me you couldn’t have constructed some fencing around a hockey rink and made that it’s home?

It’s not like you would’ve needed the extra parking, the stadium was never filled for the hockey games anyway.

What’s worse is that according to the article written by Mark Maroney on March 13, if the cost of the damage is above $20,000, the tax payers have to pay for it.

First of all, how do we know this isn’t a ploy to get the tax payers to pay for upkeep and upgrades to the stadium, secondly, I doubt it’s going to be less than $20,000, I expect it to be close to double.

Why? Because isn’t that always the way things happen under Campana’s watch?

On top of all of that, they’re suing the hockey team for $52,000; why should the team not also have to pay for damages to the field?

Give me a break Gabriel; It is time for you to get out of Williamsport, you’re not bringing any quality jobs to the area like you promised, in one of your email responses to me you stated that ‘fixing the roads that have been in terrible conditions for over 20 years is on the to do list’; ON THE TO DO LIST? Seriously?

How is that not one of the first things you addressed when you got into office?

The gas industry should not be the only ‘quality paying’ jobs that you’re bringing to the area.

This city needs more, expects more, deserves more, and you should be more willing to give more!

Stop burdening us with your bad decisions, these damages should come out of your paycheck not ours!

As citizens of this city we have the responsibility to cast our votes for someone who is truly going to stand up for us and have some integrity in their decision making. Not every decision should be based on how it best attracts tourists, there are actual people who live in this city and they should come first. You’ve had your opportunity to improve this city and you’ve failed! It’s time for you to say goodbye.

Wesley W. Hickok


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom