Money hungry

To the money hungry Old Lycoming Twp. transportation crew: I was informed that recently you pulled a truck over on Lycoming Creek Rd. who had a permit for over sized, but wasn’t over weight, and yet because he had his tag axle down and the permit didn’t show it, you gave him a $1,000 fine? Are you freakin’ serious?

Putting a tag axle down distributes the weight to more axles which means less weight on each one, which saves roads and you had the nerve to give him a ticket? That’s the biggest joke I ever heard!

It’s one thing if the permit said he was supposed to have it down then I can see the need to fine him, but sounds like all you clowns are doing is out to make money and not one bit concerned about anything else! You all should be ashamed for your pettiness.

William Hughes

Lock Haven

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom