N.R.A. vs. Joe Biden

A recent letter by Mr. Yoxtheimer once again illustrates the Alinskian method of demonizing those that have differing opinions from the left. The N.R.A. has been around for over a century with firearms education/safety/training for police, military and civilians during that time. They are merely the organization that stands up for the 2nd Amendment rights of all citizens. Just because you don’t want or think you need to own a firearm at this time, doesn’t mean you may not in the future. The N.R.A. will still be there to support your rights at that time, just like other organizations defend your 1st Amendment rights to write a letter to the editor.

Also, I’m absolutely positive anyone would be much better served to take an N.R.A. certified firearms training course, rather than taking the advise of V.P. Joe Biden to “get a double-barrel shotgun and fire a couple of shots in the air,” or worse yet, “shoot through the door.” Unbelievable!! Fortunately, all someone in the Williamsport area needs to do is travel over to Washington Boulevard to Tripoli’s Triggers to receive first class training by N.R.A. certified instructors.

As mentioned earlier, the N.R.A. has been very active in support of police and other law enforcement, providing both training and education. We all should be in support of our police, but we must also face the reality that they cannot always respond immediately when summoned. Also, one might find it interesting that although their general duty is to “protect and serve,” they do not have a mandate to protect the individual! This is to protect law enforcement from possible litigation in the event that they do not arrive in time, hence the saying “When seconds count, the police are only minutes away.

John Weeks

Trout Run