Out of touch

The Feb. 10 edition of the Sun-Gazette printed a letter written by Rev. Robert H. Logan, an Eagle Scout. He addresses the issue of the Boy Scouts of the United States permitting gays in the Scouts to serve as a Scout member or a Scout leader. He also goes on to say that churches of all denominations are hiding their true feelings towards homosexuality by bowing to social and political pressure. Furthermore, he states “Unless the Boy Scouts of America cease their interest to accommodate this aberrant culture, they must, in good conscience, remove the last line from their historic, honorable oath … ‘and morally straight.’ Because they will have ceased to be morally straight.”

From one who professes to know the mind of God, this statement not only made me sick to my stomach, but furious as well. And I don’t care if this “man of God” is Jewish, Christian, Mormon, Muslim or whatever anyone calls a “religion” these days, rejecting a human being, created by God no less, because he or she is “different,” is morally wrong!

From an early age we are taught by our religious leaders to only accept people who are the same as us. We are taught that those who believe as we do, read the same books that we do, sing the same songs as we do, dress as we do, lead the same type of life as we do, are the same color as we are, in general, behave in the same exact way that we do, are the only people we should allow in our lives. These people who are “different,” no matter what the difference may be should be rejected at all costs, shunned per se, condemned to death and punishment, not be permitted to exist in the same space as we do.

However, because our children are killing themselves and others because they are perceived as “different”, we rally together and say “Do not bully others!” Isn’t that what we as adults do when we do not accept differences, no matter how slight or pronounced, in anyone? We bully nearly everyone in everything we do. As adults, we are prejudiced, hypocrites, and just downright mean.

God counted among his disciples a whore, a money greedy tax man, sinners and “different” persons of all shapes and colors. He loves us for who we are, for he created us “in his image.”

Love, acceptance – it’s what we all yearn for, yet the first thing we hold against anyone who dares to be different.

Those who feel they are morally superior are going to have a field day with what I have written. Many are going to say “God will judge him-her, and she will get what she deserves!”

Oh boy, I hope they are right! Why? I deserve a big hug from God for loving everyone!

K.T. Moore

South Williamsport