Pass Medicaid expansion

The time is now for Governor Corbett to pass Medicaid expansion. I’m a 50- year-old mother of two college students, grandmother of three, and a wife of 33 years. I’m a home owner and a taxpayer since I’ve been 16 years of age, and I’m currently behind in my bills due to the cost of health Insurance.

I work as a Home Care attendant taking care of my consumer in her home and keeping her out of a nursing home where it would cost the state 3 times more. One of the main function as a home care attendant is to improve the quality of life for consumers, meaning making sure they are up and dressed for the day, cook, clean their home, making sure they arrive at their doctor appointments and many other things throughout the course of the day. Their independence of being in their own home brings self-confidence and a since stability. But despite providing that independence to our consumers, we do not have the pay or benefits to be independent ourselves.

That’s why we need Governor Corbett to stand and expand Medicaid to working families like mine. Expanding Medicaid is essential to providing Pennsylvania families with the healthcare we need. Pennsylvanians must do everything we can do to let the state lawmakers and families know that approving the Medicaid Expansion will save lives, create jobs, fund our local hospitals and strengthen our economy. Failure to expand Medicaid will make it much more expensive for uninsured to obtain coverage and will have a negative impact on health care in Pennsylvania- in a home care setting, in hospitals and in nursing homes.

Carmela Green


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom