People control

I’ve been hearing from the smarter-than-thou crowd that you are safer without a gun. They tell me that you are much more likely to be killed if you own a gun. I’ve also heard that being a police officer is a very dangerous job, and it has now become obvious to me, in light of these two pieces of information that what we need to do is take the guns away from the police. Obviously the reason it is so dangerous to be a policeman is that they carry guns all the time. Guns are so dangerous that we should not expect them to do that. They would be much safer without them.

Now if you think that disarming the police is the dumbest idea that you’ve ever heard, join the club, but if disarming the police would make them less safe, exactly how does disarming the average citizen make them more safe? I know the police have to face armed criminals more often than I do, but it only takes one time to end up dead. If a policeman doesn’t have the means to protect himself he could be killed, but then, so could I.

Nearly every policeman in the country carries a semi-automatic handgun with a ‘large capacity’ magazine, and nearly every police force in the country has semi-automatic ‘assault rifles’ in their arsenal and some even have them in every police car. Why then should those weapons be denied to law abiding citizens? Is a policeman’s life worth more than the average citizen? If your answer to that is yes, you’re in the wrong country. That’s how it is in a police state, but not in the land of the free. Gun control is not about guns, it’s about control.

Paul Rinker


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom