Praising the SPCA

I would also like to praise Hunter Wentzel for his excellent letter to the Editor on 3-13-13.

He wrote from his heart about the function of the SPCA and the needs of the Animals.

Marilyn G Bennett

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom

Praising the SPCA

Have you ever heard of the SPCA? They help save the little, starving, abused animals. You should help by donating or adopting. Here are three reasons why. The money is for a good cause, they need more items, and they save lives. Here is the first reason why. The money is for a good cause. For example, you are donating to save the lives of animals. In addition, they also stop animal cruelty. Finally, the SPCA is not funded by the government only by donations. For a shelter with so many animals, needs so much stuff.

The SPCA needs more items to keep for the animals that are patients. The poor animals need more food to live on. I’m sure the animals would be much happier with more toys to play with. Those animals were also saved by the SPCA. Which leads me to my final reason. The SPCA saves the lives of animals that were hurt or starved for no reason. So you would have to donate to help the hurt animals. Finally, when I adopted my cat Gary he wasn’t being fed the right food and was under stress. But since we adopted him, we could help him live and he is still alive today. That is why you should donate and even adopt from the SPCA. Save the animals that were abused.

Hunter Wentzel


5th Grade Ashkar Elementary School