Settled issue

Many people are saying that they are tired of the gun control debate. So am I! The debate we are having now is pointless as it was settled 221 years ago on Dec, 15 1791, when the Bill of Rights, which included the Second Amendment, was ratified. Unfortunately, since the people we have in government today don’t seem to care about the Constitution, we are having this debate.

I warn those people who support this attempt to destroy the right to keep and bear arms, that this is a set-up. If we allow them to “limit” that right, it opens the door to limiting other rights.

Whether it is a good idea to ban one type of weapon or another is immaterial at this point, because the Constitution does not allow it.

If some people want to ban weapons, they must first get the approval of the American people through a Constitutional amendment, which would repeal or limit the Second Amendment. If they have the overwhelming support that they claim for “doing something about guns”, then why are they afraid to try this approach?

The answer is two-fold. First, they know that they do not have the support that they claim to have, and second, they want to be able to limit our rights through legislation without the approval of the people. They know that the courts are much more likely to approve of violating the Constitution, than the people are to vote their rights away.

You can either stand up for all of your rights or none. You do not get to pick and choose. If you decide that the government can arbitrarily take away rights, they will be the ones to choose which rights, and it will eventually be all of them.

Paul Rinker


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom