Take a lesson

Mr. Obama; take lessons from our mayor and governor!

I would like to thank the Sun-Gazette with their coverage of the devastating effects of “Obamacare”, as well as coverage of our Pennsylvania governor and city mayor. I may not always agree with what you print, but I am thankful that you are covering the stories that affect us. As all business owners know, our health insurance rates have doubled in just 2 years, when we were told that they would not go up. Out of pocket expenses have increased by 30%, and there will be a shortage of doctors to provide care thanks to reimbursement rates being dropped by 32%. We were all told lie after lie before obamacare was pushed through. The Obama administration should be held accountable for what Obamacare is doing to all of us.

I thank Gov. Corbett for rejecting the Obama plan to ruin healthcare. He knows if Pennsylvania accepts the federal dollars to run obamacare, then we will be subject to their every wish. Good, sound principles are more important then accepting money from Washington. I also thank our mayor in Williamsport for his steadfast care over our city. He has just concluded some very difficult negotiations for services that our city provides. I now see a police and fire department among the best I have ever seen.

All of our elected officials work for us. I do not want an elected official that says one thing and does the opposite. Because one can speak flashy words and give promises to everyone does not make them a good servant. It is action that matters.

Our country is suffering in a tremendous way because of flashy promises and lies that will only cause division and confusion. Possibly our governor and our mayor could give President Obama some lessons.

Dr. Richard Troxler DMD


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom