Thanks for gift

The year was 1985. Two young boys left their home in Vietnam for a perilous journey from their home in Vietnam to live with an aunt and uncle in Williamsport for safety and to further their education.

Son Binh and Transon Nyugen enrolled at the Williamsport High School where their teachers quickly recognized their intelligence, motivation and dedication.

When Son Binh was accepted at Penn State main campus, we thought we would help him. We went to the downtown merchants and the faculty seeking donations in the form of clothing, money, school supplies, etc. The response was overwhelming.

He was awarded his degree from Penn State and went on to California where he received additional degrees. He is currently a professor of chemistry and Director of the Integrated Science Program at Northwestern University. Transon is a pharmacist in California. Happily, their mother and father and siblings are now residing in California also.

Early this fall, Son Binh was asked to speak at a chemistry symposium in Philadelphia. From there, he came to Williamsport to visit his former teachers and to thank them for their many kindnesses and encouragement. He wined and dined them and their spouses and a very enjoyable and reminiscing time was enjoyed by all. Included were James Poechman, chemistry; Ken Welsh, calculus; John Bonislawski, chemistry; Roland Zeisloft, physics; Mary Bennardi, English; and Shirley Reese, guidance counselor.

We want to thank you once again for your gifts to Son Binh. We thought you would like to know about their accomplishments. We are grateful that they were once a part of our lives. We are extremely proud of them.

Mary Bennardi

South Williamsport

Shirley Reese