The cost of housing

It’s ridiculous how much it costs to own a home these days. The cornerstone of our economy and one of the most important economic indicators is way off the charts.

Until the cost of homes come in line with the stagnation of wages, huge gap in incomes, frozen social mobility and rampant poverty in this country, we’ll never recover from this recession.

The politicians are out of touch, too. Both Republicans and Democrats are playing with an outdated playbook. They need to look at the new, poorer reality of American life and quit seeing what they want to see.

The truth is that those who call the shots, i.e. employers, are allowed to low ball their employees to keep their margins high. The impact on the backside is an inability of workers to even see the American Dream, let alone live it. All these factors are at play and still housing prices climb as if the economy is robust. We’re not learning the lessons of this last bubble and I think a repeat will mean the total collapse.

So, hello real estate agents, agencies, developers and all the greedy ilk. Wake up and readjust you’re expectations so that we all can thrive and not just you and your related industries.

S. E. Brink

Trout Run

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom