The gun debate

Last summer I went to the midnight premier of The Dark Knight Rises in Williamsport. Hours later I’m watching CNN to see another senseless shooting had ensued at a screening of that very film in a theater in Colorado. This was then followed by months of equally senseless debates among celebrity pundits and those representing the odious organization known as the NRA.

Of course, nothing meaningful came of this as usual then in December another young man goes into an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut slaughtering several adults & 20 young children. Many people seem to be perplexed as to how to solve this epidemic of spree shootings.

First off, no civilian needs an AR-15 assault rifle, however you have the right to own one. If a deranged individual who has yet to commit a crime wishes to purchase such a weapon or a handgun there’s nothing to stop them. Clearly, mental health is a big part of this and has to be addressed in a meaningful way.

Having a firearm in your home carries responsibility an aspect of this whole national discussion that seems to rarely come up. I don’t own a gun although I can totally rationalize someone using one to protect their home & family from someone who poses a threat.

Those who possess firearms in order to defend themselves against the government in case they turn democracy inside out I got news for ya, that already happened! The U.S. government has nukes a fleet of jets subs and ships armed and ready. If you think you can take them on with what you can buy at your local gun store good luck!

The government has little concern over American citizens and their semi automatic toys. Nor do they seem to care about what some deranged individuals do with these toys.

Daniel S.Yoxtheimer


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom