The Gun Gazette

I’ve grown quite weary or reading letters and editorials for those who think guns are toys.

Guns for a civilian are essentially recreational and in many cases a vise. Our right to arm ourselves in this country seems in far less peril then our right to express ourselves. Work for any corporation and you’ll get what I’m talking about.

Clearly it doesn’t seem to matter what happens or how many people are slaughtered senselessly with automatic weapons, Uncle Sam isn’t going to take away your personal arsenal.

If one of my nimrod neighbors shoots me while target practicing I’ll have mounting medical bills all the while the NRA will side with the idiot neighbor who treats his gun like a toy.

So are guns more important than health insurance? No! We need health insurance on a regular basis for prescriptions and medical care you will need over the course of your life. Are guns more important than the first amendment? No!

I would really like to believe in this country again and that there are brighter days ahead but it’s really difficult when the culture is saturated with doomsday prepping morons and religious nuts filling people’s heads with dangerous propaganda.

Daniel S.Yoxtheimer


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom