Almost everyday we are exposed to the various problems concerning our environment, including global warming, toxic chemicals, contaminated soils and air, stream reclamation, and etc.

Government efforts to help with these problems are in the best interest of us all.

But remember, it is us, the individuals who inhabit this proud land, that elect our officials, and ultimately pay to take care of these situations we have created.

On our local level, I was appalled to witness the excessive accumulation of roadside trash and debris while traveling the I-180 ramps and beltway to Muncy.

Of course, this is an ongoing abuse occurring everywhere that is both disgusting and illegal.

The question is how do we try to stop this violation, and who, at what expense, will clean this unsightly mess up?

For the first part – increase the fine for littering to $1000 or 30 hours of trash pickup. Regular cleaning could be done by inmates, paroles and welfare recipients with local supervision at the least expense.

We are all responsible for the care and preservation of our precious environment. I’m sure future generations will greatly appreciate our present endeavors.

Steve Porter