Washington inertia

Why are our elected official from the President to the Senate and U. S. House of Representatives unable to legislate effectively?

Here is a wild list for your consideration:

1. The primary concern of our elected officials are reelection all other duties are secondary. Would you give up a job where you establish your own benefits? Would you give up all the perks that this job offers? A big disappointment is losing the title–Mr President, Senator or Representative.

2. Cave in to minority groups whoever they are. After all a high percentage of their vote means relection.

3. You scratch my back; I’ll do the same for you, i. e. I will complain about your financial projects back in your district but I will vote for them; remember to vote for my financial projects too.

3. give lip service to majority rule; how can I understand your problems as a silent majority while living in D C. I’m surrounded by affluence and my own peers; we don’t seem to have any problems.

4. You say lobbyist have more influence than You. Nonsense I do not deal with them my staff does.

5. I voted for legislation that will benefit you i. e. Obamacare. What you say I opt out of Obamacare? Nonsense!!!!! I only exercised my right to benefits I vote for myself.

6. I may complain about the deficit but I need Money for back home projects to earn their vote at the next election.

7. I may speak against immigration reforms but in reality I need this minority vote.

8. Foreign aid is necessary; I’ve taken several junkets to these countries and have been impressed thru my escorted tours to see our U S dollar at work. What you say why not have these dollar work in our state? Foreign aid is a very small part of the over all budget. It’s buying these countries loyalty; can’t you see how effective this policy is? How about Egypt?

9. We certainly need education or do we? Do we, your elected officials, really need educated citizens looking over our shoulder? Surely you trust my decisions on your behalf.

10. Showmanship, showmanship, showmanship looking good in front of a camera; sounding good, speaking a dialogue that make you feel good as you believe in what I doing for you.

John T. Kovich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom