Why we need weapons

Who were the ones that both Hitler and Stalin along with many other despots in history targeted for elimination? Seems they were political rivals, doctors, teachers, anyone they perceived a threat. Why do we need assault weapons?

Because the government, police, and a lot of bad people have them.

If our government would ever turn on us, the way Iran and Syria’s has killed their citizens, the only hope we would have, is what our forefathers put in place, an armed populace.

And the very ones we armed citizens would be saving, are the ones they’d kill first: The nit wits that would have us unarmed.

You see, they feel they’re safe.

Because they align themselves with whomever is in power.

History has proven otherwise. But of course, the left elitist are unable to grasp this. Not surprising is it?

Until all weapons are gone. This means the government, the police, and all the bad guys. We should never give up ours.

Max Casale

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom