You decide

Our country’s higher education system is made up of state run universities, community and junior colleges, technical and trade schools.

We have colleges and universities that are private, religious, business, medical, military, music and art based. This combination of choice and competition has resulted in a higher education system for the United States that is “second to none”.

However, our elementary and secondary public school system has now become a virtual taxpayer funded monopoly, owned and operated by state governments and controlled by public unions.

The cost to educate students in our public schools is far higher than those in other developed countries, while our students’ academic achievements are far less.

Could this disparity between high costs and low achievements be the result of parents not having the right of choice and competition in their children’s education? Or should we just spend more and more hoping for better results? You decide.

Ivan B. McElwain


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom