Appreciation Veterans

When you read the classifieds or listen to ads, most companies state something along the lines of ‘Veterans preferred’, ‘Will hire Veterans before anyone else’, or ‘Veterans receive top priority’. When you talk to a recruiter from the Army, they tell you everyone respects a Veteran. Well, this hasn’t been the case for my husband. My husband is an Operation Iraqi Veteran. So what you say? Well, that right there is my problem. There is absolutely no respect out there for Veterans. My husband served for your freedom and your rights, yet you cannot simply extend a ‘thank you’ to him. This past month has shown me how much Veterans are shit upon once they leave the Army, not only by the community, but by the state as well.

My husband joined the Reserves when he moved back home from being stationed in Ft. Riley, so he could maintain health insurance for us, since his new civilian job didn’t offer any sort of insurance. He worked there for several months and then was laid off. He has applied to over 40 jobs that stated they hire Veterans before anyone else; but yet he has only received one phone call back, with numerous denying him. In the meantime, he filed for unemployment. Let me tell you how screwed up that system is! Explain to me why a local drug dealer can receive unemployment almost instantly, but a veteran has to wait twice as long to receive anything!

Once he did get a chance to interview at a local company, the owner didn’t even care that he was a Veteran. When my husband was done interviewing, he said only one person out of that entire process thanked him for serving, or even remotely cared. That seriously disappointed me. I don’t expect everyone to bow down to him, but a simple thank you is greatly appreciated.

A week or so after that, he had to go to the ER for his Crohn’s disease acting up, as the Army took him off Nexium because it is “too expensive” for them, even though he had a Doctor recommendation for it. After going to a local pharmacy to get the prescription filled do we find out that we in fact don’t have health insurance, even though we are paying for Tricare.

I do give the local pharmacy props for trying to help, but were still unprofessional in their handling of it. Even in dealing with Tricare was horrible. They can’t explain where our money is going for what we thought was being used to pay for our health insurance. We were told we could “enroll” for a little over $300 up front and then an additional $100 the next month, even though we are already paying for it. Hmmmm?

We have lived in our small town for over six months now, in which we have numerous military related stickers on our vehicles. In all this time, only one person has stopped my husband to thank him for his services, one person out of approximately 4,386 people that populate this town.

I was on Facebook today and every other post was about Shain Gandy, yet the soldiers killed were not even mentioned anywhere. Since when is a drunken hillbilly more important than a soldier? What did that hillbilly do for you beside provide you something to laugh at? That soldier that died, he protected your right to watch that hillbilly.

I cannot describe my disappointment and disgust in America lately in their treatment of Veterans. With that I say thank you to all the Veterans out there!

Katherine Sanner

Jersey Shore

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom