Bomb control

To start, I mean no disrespect to any victims, or families, of any of these recent, heinous, acts of violence. It has brought more than one tear to my eyes. This is not intended to offend anyone.

I do, however, have no respect for the idiots that are in Washington that are exploiting horrible tragedies for political gain. Plus right wing and left wing media ( or whatever the politically correct word is hip for them today) for their absolute sovereign view of the world. They cannot agree on anything except to agree to disagree.

The only thing they seem to agree on is the fact that whatever present form of gun control legislation they vote for, or against would not have made one bit of difference in the Newton, Conn. shootings. They also almost unanimously agree, it will do little to prevent future violent crimes. They sure are getting some good face time though, win lose or draw. ” Vote for me. I tried!”

The president putting a Newton victim’s mother and father on TV was deplorable. I watched and cried at the fact that they lost their child. To use that to promote an agenda that would have done nothing to prevent their loss sickened me!

The child’s mother said we have to do something to make a difference so that her child didn’t die in vain. I agree 100%. They aren’t even trying, to do anything, meaningful. What mentally disturbed person thinks it is ok for a mentally disturbed person to have a gun? Yet our fearless leaders can’t agree on this, until they see the latest polls or who fills their coffers?

I am so disgusted and confused, I don’t even know which side of the fence I should even be on, anymore. I’m sure I opened myself to ridicule( it won’t be the first time.) Realistically though , who will be the first idiot who suggest we should have background checks for any one who buys a pressure cooker?

Mark Weisel


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom