Dedication questioned

In response to the naming of the new bridge, how many people have become fallen soliders dedicating their lives to keep others free?




How and who decided that one fallen soldier is more worthy of that dedication then the next? It could’ve been a greater contribution/memorial to name the bridge memorializing with a name that would represent “all” fallen soldiers/hero’s.

Decision was in poor taste, and unthoughtful to other families who lost loved ones, memorializing one and not “all”. Mr. Lance Cpl. Abram was a fallen soldier/hero, as were so many others.

I think it was on the disrespectful side to all other families who lost a loved one(s).

Mr. Lance Col. Abram Howard could have been memorialized in a different dedication, as to not forget “all” others!

One question: What was the criteria for this decision?

Lee Summerson


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom