Didn’t work, won’t work

In the April 3rd edition of the Sun-Gazette there was a letter entitled “Obvious Solution”. The writer was addressing going back to ‘prohibition’ and how that would free space in our prisons for those being sentenced for DUI and minor drug offenses.

Though I don’t use drugs myself I totally agree with the legalization of drugs as it would stop the gangs, drug cartels, and street dealers from fighting over territory to sell these drugs. If anybody can buy the drugs like they can buy alcohol or cigarettes it puts this criminal element out of business.

Also, I don’t believe more people will use drugs because if you don’t use them now chances are they won’t start just because they can buy them legally, I would hope not anyway.

Remember they tried prohibition 80 or 90 years ago and it spawned gang wars and the booze flowed like a river, just as drugs do today. And like today, the mob made a bundle!

So, let’s avoid gang wars all together and legalize drugs as well as keeping alcohol and tobacco legal. That alone will decrease our prison population.

Jimmy Moore

South Williamsport

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