It is very discouraging to read that the Williamsport Area School Board is eliminating “Mechanical Drawing” or whatever they call it these days, (even the electronic variety) from the curriculum. Simple drawing training is the way one learns to read “blueprints” or even follow a road map, and should be mandatory, not elective.

One can hardly assemble a simple consumer item if one cannot read drawings. Elimination of these courses is doing all students a great disfavor.

I have been involved in Building Engineering and Construction during the 65 years that I have been working and realize the disadvantage that most people face as they cannot even grasp the fundamentals of simple graphic communication.

If the Educational System’s goal is to “dumb-down” the populace, they are on the right track. However, it is the wrong track if the USA needs a skilled work-force, the real key to prosperity. Ask any employer if they think that the average high school graduate is ready to enter the work force and you’ll probably get the same opinion I have: No!

They need more practical work- related training. If WASD can afford new offices, etc., we surely should be able to spend something on properly educating the students so they can find a good job and they and the country can prosper.

Frank B. Lundy II

Professional Engineer


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom