Doing nothing no answer

In a LTE published April 19, Mark Weisel writes, “whatever present form of gun control legislation they vote for, or against would not have made one bit of difference in the Newton, Conn. shootings. They also almost unanimously agree, it will do little to prevent future violent crimes.”

Maybe. Maybe not. But doing nothing at all is not the answer, either. Laws restricting certain gun types and high capacity clips most assuredly would have reduced the lethality and body counts in the Newtown, Aurora, and Tucson gun massacres. Laws requiring instant background checks for internet and gun show purchases would most definitely prevent sales to convicted felons and the mentally ill.

Consider this: Adam Lanza used high-capacity clips to fire off 154 rounds in less than 5 minutes to slaughter 20 kids and 6 adults in Newtown.

Consider this: The Smith & Wesson M&P15 used by Holmes in Aurora was available to him only because Bush II allowed the expiration of a federal ban on such weapons. Holmes only stopped using that weapon when the 100-round clip for it jammed. 58 people were killed in a matter of minutes.

Consider this: Jared Lee Loughner emptied a 33-round clip in 15 seconds as he killed 6 and wounded 18 in Tucson. It has been reported that every one of those rounds connected with a human body.

High capacity clips have been used by half of all mass-shooters. They “turn a killer into a killing machine,” says David Chipman, former special ATF agent. Banning high capacity clips won’t prevent gun crimes, but might well reduce the carnage, he noted further. “Maybe 3 kids get killed instead of 20.”

And what is their point and purpose? Who needs them and why? I hear the self protection argument but have to ask when the last time was that a band of 30 or more roving thugs broke into someone’s house. I hear sport shooters need them. Why?

And speaking of selfish, the recent Senate defeat of proposed gun legislation represents the apex of self and special interest trumping common sense and the will of the people. Senators ignored their constituents and their own consciences and rejected legislation that would require background checks on all guns purchased over the internet and gun shows. Now, don’t you all get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing that convicted felons can, and no doubt will, be purchasing weapons at the NRA-run Great American Outdoor Show to be held at the Farm Complex in Harrisburg in February 2014 without being prescreened with an instant background check?

Obama was correct in saying the day of the vote was a shameful day in Washington. Those legislators caved to special interests.

This is not, nor should it be, the end of the gun control argument. We must as a nation come together in common sense and non-partisanship to stop the increasing carnage done with the press of a trigger.

Stephanie Ohargan


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom