Freedoms under attack

I take issue with a letter to the editor written by a gentleman from Lewisburg and published April 7. He ought to be standing by President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg while making such a rant against assault rifles.

The military has assault rifles capable of full automatic fire. The rifles manufactured and available to responsible law-abiding citizens are assault-style rifles. They may look like their military counterpart, but are only capable of semi-automatic fire.

Saying that they are designed exclusively to commit mass murder and anyone opposing an assault weapon ban is saying it’s ok with me that mass killings continues in this country is totally absurd. Thousands of people who own these rifles do use them for hunting and target shooting.

Banning any type of firearm will not stop the criminal element or the deranged in our society from committing heinous acts of violence. On April 19, 1995, Timothy McVeigh killed 168 people and wounded more than 800 in the Oklahoma City bombing. He didn’t use any type of firearm. He committed this mass murder with a bomb made from agricultural fertilizer placed in a truck.

Having a national gun registry is only a means for our government to know who has guns and what type they are. Don’t believe President Obama and his cronies when they say support the second amendment and have no intention of confiscating our guns.

Every day there are people attempting to take away our freedoms that have been fought for since this country was founded. The same person who wants to take away our guns wants to tell you how big your soft drink cup can be.

The taking away from us anything we can now legally own is an infringement upon our freedoms. There are people in this country and abroad who would love to see an unarmed America. We would be like sheep going to the slaughter or a school full of little children – defenseless. Wake up, America.

Bill Heggenstaller

Jersey Shore