Hang on Tight

Almost every time he opens his mouth, VP Joe Biden says something stupid or at least laughable. After the tragic Sandy Hook incident, he advocated using a shotgun for self-defense and said to just “stick it out the window and fire two blasts” at any nearby intruder. Never mind that doing so in Williamsport or almost any other community would get one arrested for reckless endangerment at the very least. Joe said it’s OK so it must be so.

Make no mistake about it, the Obama administration is after the guns and most of the rest of our freedoms. Homeland Security is buying over a billion bullets of all calibers this year, not because they’re needed but to dry up the supply for the law-abiding shooter.

Even local police departments are having difficulty obtaining ammunition due to the government’s interference. Anyone who has recently tried to purchase ammo knows full well that the price has risen obscenely while the supply is woefully short.

Emperor Obama and his minions are despicably using the dead innocent children of Sandy Hook as political props in a desperate attempt to get full control of the populace through disarmament. If he succeeds in regaining control of both houses of Congress in 2014, watch out. He’s already stated that he wants his heroine, Queen Nancy Pelosi, back as Speaker because he knows she shares his disdain for the Constitution and personal freedoms.

Nobody can argue against some type of more thorough background checks for gun purchases, but it has to start with better screening of the mentally ill and that’s something the ACLU has stymied for years.

However, if Congress passes yet another bill without reading it, like Obamacare, we will face a national Federal gun registry and the storm troopers will confiscate our legally owned weapons without the slightest nod to the second, fourth, or fifth amendments.

Pay attention, folks. If this administration succeeds on this agenda item, we are all in for a very bumpy ride to a dictatorship.

Samuel Johns


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom