Holding pen of letters

This letter is to the mayor of Williamsport. It’s appalling on how he has let the streets of Williamsport go to the dogs. If he had to pay for tire repairs and front end alignments he would think twice about the streets. I was in Newberry the other day and thought I was at an amusement park, but I was not having any fun! You should be ashamed for as many terms you’ve been mayor, you have neglected the streets.

I’ve been to Philly and their streets are awesome compared to yours. Maybe it’s time you start touring your streets and see which pothole or thump bump street you can avoid. I thought you got rebates from the state for the fuel from fracking? Stop using all the money for law enforcement and cameras that are only going to get smashed because if the idiots want to shoot, kill or deal drugs they’ll do it with 100 police.

So if you want to see cars on the road in the future instead of tanks because that’s the only thing that will be able to withstand your streets. Fix them and quit wasting money on other senseless activities. Save the cars that ride the streets.

Peggy Ebe