Are there any good reasons for hunger in America? Of course not.

I remember seeing the newsreels of the breadlines of down and out citizens during the “Great Depression”. But you don’t see those bread lines today. No, thanks to technology, we have EBT cards which are being advertised so more people can participate. Is this participation to make sure no one goes hungry? Unfortunately it is not. It’s for political gain. And still there are hungry citizens. Do “our public servants” really want to lift up our poor so they don’t need EBT cards? Or, did they use food-stamps as an election issue, something to be taken away if the “other side” wins. The only winners are the politicians with their pensions and their credentials for their next position in politics.

Just look at what a “food assistance” or EBT can get you. First of all, cash, and then alcohol, cigarettes, strip clubs and gambling; not quite necessary for a well-balanced diet. And, as always, it’s the children who suffer the most. With all the fraud in the “food Stamp” program and the waste in the Federal and State governments there should be no one in the country going hungry. Now we do have about one hundred well paid professionals to go around the country and root out the abuse of the EBT program, but that may not be enough. I guess the 47 million in the program have nothing to worry about if only 100 fraud investigators are out there. But this administration wants people dependent on the government as to further its “change” agenda.

Gregory Weigle

South Williamsport

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom