I can’t believe

I can’t believe our president. What he says so eloquently and promises he does not do. For our president, What Hope and Change meant was bigger and more government for all Americans.

He said he would get rid of the lobbyists in Washington, DC. He replaced them with union and environmentalists lobbyists.

He said he would cut the National debt in half in four years. He has almost doubled it for the next generations to pay with interest.

He said he would be bipartisan and bring change in Washington, D.C. He has done the opposite with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi leading the way.

He said he would cut our need for foreign oil with solar and wind power. He has wasted over a trillion dollars on these projects and has cut our own drilling on Government land.

He said he won the war in Iraq but he has lost the post war for America and the Iraq people.

He has bought his reelection with our tax money and a lot of giveaways to his supporters and minorities.

He has said Obamacare will be better for America and will reduce our medical insurance, and Americans can keep their insurance. The facts are just the opposite and the federals government will be in charge of all Americans health care. The costs are going to tax everyone like you can’t imagine.

He blames the rich as not paying their fare share and the Congress for their failure to spend more and borrow more money for his failures to cut back on his giveaways and waste full projects.

Our president speaks to America in a way that promises good change and hope but is continuing to Bankrupt our economy and blame others for his lack of leadership. I can’t believe our president anymore and I fear America is giving away the future for our kids and America, with no plans for our economy and more government regulations and dictates for all Americans.

Greece, Cyprus, and the Roman Empire are history that shows the end of this welfare story that America is heading for in a few years. Communist Russia failed with the government taking over everything after World War II.

I’m a World War II vet so I’m old and I guess I have lost touch with the reality of borrowing and spending not like most all families, businesses, local and state governments and schools that have had to balance income and expenses in my lifetime. Stop the terrific federal government waste and unnecessary borrowing like all Americans and state have had to do.

Bud Casselberry

Lock Haven

Submitted by E-Mail