Industrial explosion

After arriving home from work decided to check the late night news and was knocked out about another explosion this time in TX. A fertilizer plant no less in a small town. People were killed in the plant and the surrounding area including those who responded to the fire that broke out prior to the explosion. The plant was located close by to a school, a nursing home and residential property including apartment buildings.

Investigations into the explosion has reveal some interesting facts. OSHA has not been there to conduct a safety check over 20 years. Other state and federal agencies inspections have been few and infrequent.

Consider this we have read here in this section of the paper that we need to deregulate and to get government and unions out of businesses. OSHA is understaffed and underfunded. Unions have been blocked out and vilified as un-American and freedom killing.

This is what deregulation brings to the American public. Profit over safety. Rights of the employer over the safety and welfare of the employees and a powder keg waiting to explode on a community.

The fertilizer plant that exploded produced and stored the same fertilizer that was used for the bomb used in Oklahoma City. But we don’t need regulations and inspections just trust in employers to do the right thing because they are individuals and their rights are important.

The state of Texas has asked the federal government for help and aid. Not too long ago Texas was all set and ready to leave the union because they don’t like the dictator and the dictatorial process of the federal government. They don’t need the federal government.

So much for not needing the federal government or regulations or government agencies or taxes or for that matter unions in the work place.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom