Knife control

I just saw on Fox News that an alleged violator stabbed/slashed (with some sort of knife) 14 students at Lone Star College in West Houston, TX. As a retired federal agent, I am appalled that our government has not kept us citizens safe! Vice President Biden held a conference on gun controls after Newtown, CT and I hope he calls a conference on Knife controls.

We know that we have no Effective Hammer Controls and now we are, again, made abundantly aware that the U. S. has no effective knife controls. Nearly everyone owns a knife. I admit I have carried a pen knife since the age of six. It never occurred to me how I was contributing to the rampant excess of abundant knives in the society. We must have effective knife controls, and the sooner the better! I know the American Knife Society will oppose effective knife controls. The AKS will take out full-page newspaper ads, lobby Congress and dupe folks into thinking they have a Constitutional Right to own as many knives as they wish. We need knife purchaser Background Checks and we must close the Knife Show loophole.

Without these “Common Sense” knife controls, we will continue to have campus stabbings/slashing all over the country. I rest assured we will all be safer after we have more knife controls. We all know that laws prevent stabbings, right? Of course, there were a few laws violated in West Houston, but we just need to tighten knife controls.

Ron Benjamin


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