Knife vs. gun

I find it extremely interesting that this paper (Williamsport Sun- Gazette) chose to put the article regarding the college students from Texas that were “stabbed” late Tuesday morning on page A-4 of the newspaper.

At the same time, an article regarding the showdown on the gun vote set for Thursday was on the front page. What…weren’t the injuries gory enough to qualify for front page? Because the attack did not involve a gun, this decided it’s placement?

Maybe we should launch a ban on all objects that are capable of infliciting injuries like a knife. Let’s start with the type of item used by the attacker in Texas and branch out from there based on types used by other attackers.

After that, let’s start a campaign to ban cars and trucks as they inflict injuries and can cause death too. Just a thought.

Kim Barto

Muncy Valley

Submitted by Virtual Newsroom