Not about money

There recently was published another letter making the pithy argument that taxpayers money is funding abortions and how they don’t get a choice.

There is a law that prevents Congress from allocating taxpayer money for abortions. However, that does not stop the accusations. Insurance exchanges have the option to include abortion in their coverage however that has to be paid out of pocket not with federal funds.

People are arguing that because federal dollars are being used to fund a program that these programs can not offer abortions or abortion coverage even if they have private funding as well.

The argument is, “I don’t want my money going to a program that does abortions even though that is not all the program does.”

It is not about money and what it is used for and their choice of how it is used, it is only about abortion and whether it should or should not be done at all. It is about people making a decision that is not theirs to make to begin with.

Charles M. Reeder


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom