In 1967 a remarkable woman named Sylvia Meagher, a research analyst of the UN’s World Health Organization, published a book entitled “Accessories After the Fact: The Warren Commission, the Authorities, and the Report.”

Meagher’s thesis is that the Warren Commission and virtually every institution of “authority” in the political and media establishment responded to the assassination of John Kennedy by adopting and validating the Commission’s single-assassin, “lone nut,” non-conspiratorial conclusion. It was a conclusion amounting to the most repercussive cover-up of the most repercussive crime of the 20th century.

Meagher’s book went on to become a bestseller, and since the 1980s approximately three-quarters of the American people have been convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald was framed.

Which brings us to the present historical moment, and the following accusatory question:

Does the Sun-Gazette’s long-term, consistent, and perversely blind support of the National Rifle Association and its extreme positions render this newspaper “an accessory both before and after the fact” to the mass firearms violence of Columbine and Virginia Tech and Aurora and Newtown, etc.? Does your embrace of the NRA’s ideology amount to an enabling of wanton gun violence in America?

“Civilization and violence are antithetical concepts,” said Dr. King as he accepted the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1964.

It is a concept apparently beyond the moral and intellectual grasp of the people who shape the consistently right-wing editorial contents of your paper and most notoriously your political cartoons.

As a student of U.S. journalism for more than half a century, I have never encountered cartoons so witless, sophomoric, shallow, callow and vicious.

H.C. (Harry) Nash


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