Street, utility concerns

I was reading the Friday front page article regarding the “bumpy” streets. On Page 5 there is a picture of the horrible condition that the water company has left in the western end of the city on Arch, West Third, I, as well of thousands of others are wondering when these streets are going to be repaired.

Also, of maybe bigger concern, why was this project allowed to continue when the contractor doing the work knew that the streets could not be repaired correctly during the winter. If there are any attorneys out there, many folks would like to know if there is any legal recourse for damage to vehicles or if the water company/contractor has taken out any insurance/bond for repairs to vehicles due to negligence.

On another note, if and when these streets are repaired, will UGI be allowed to come in and start cutting them up again?

What is the permit/permission given that utilities can cut up our streets, especially after they have been repaired?

I propose this, the city contacts the utilities and states in a formal public letter that it will be repairing said streets.

The utilities will then need to replace their services under said street or face a large fine for digging into a newly paved street that our tax money paid for. Just think of the additional revenue the city could generate this way! Just a thought.

Kirk Marshall


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom