The Gosnell trial

While the major media have ignored this significant story, Dr. Gosnell’s staff have testified to the atrocities perpetrated by this pro-abortion liberal who murdered tens of thousands of children beyond the legal limit. Dr. Gosnell’s staff has recounted the tens of thousands of abortions where Dr. Gosnell would deliver live babies and cut their spinal cords with scissors as they struggled to take their first breaths.

His staff has testified to live babies being delivered into toilets and flushed while fighting to escape.

We have learned that Dr. Gosnell’s practice was never inspected by authorities because he was in the business of abortion and Republicans did not want to appear as profiling him and Democrats simply did not care what he did.

Perhaps Democrats do not care because the overwhelming majority of abortions were black babies?

Nevertheless, the key to the abortion debate is the question of when does life begin?

Liberals typically refuse to answer.

When liberals do answer, the response is typically when the fetus can live outside the womb on its own.

Let’s hear from the pro-abortion crowd…..when does life truly begin?

Erik Latranyi


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom