The middle ground

Before you jump down his throat, know this: Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey didn’t just sell away your Second Amendment rights by compromising for increased background checks on firearms purchases. The Amendment proposed by Sens. Toomey and Manchin is now in the public domain. You can read the full amendment and I suggest that you do so before offering any sort of comment on the issue.

I am an avid Pennsylvania hunter and outdoorsman who has grown up with firearms being a regular part of my existence, and as such, I am strongly in support of an individual right to keep and bear arms as guaranteed by the United States Constitution.

Senator Toomey found middle ground with other politicians who had more unsavory objectives in mind, proposals that would actively infringe upon your right to own and use a firearm. When you read the bill, you will find that it specifically outlaws the creation of any sort of gun registry, affirms an individual right to keep and bear arms, establishes a national mental health commission, and actually expands Second Amendment rights in a number of ways.

Should the Toomey amendment pass, law-abiding citizens will now be legally free to transport their guns across state lines for legitimate purposes, such as hunting or shooting sports. This is not currently the case. A Pennsylvania duck hunter who wants to travel to New Jersey on a hunting trip cannot legally transport his shotgun into New Jersey without special permission from the police.

I firmly believe that Senator Toomey is protecting our best interests as hunters and gun owners, so don’t give him short shrift just because you decided not to read the language within the actual bill. The proposals make sense, and they are designed to keep guns out of the hands of criminals while not stripping you, the gun owner, of any of your Constitutional rights to keep and bear arms. Please read before you speak.

Ethan Barton


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom