The real Charleston

I just read Mr Alan Cohick’s letter concerning his visit to my native city of Charleston, SC.

I’m sorry that he had such a costly experience.

I send my friends to a beautiful hotel located in the historic district across from the old Market that costs them $125/night.

The decor is reminiscent of old Charleston with rice beds and Queen Anne furniture, with a lovely brick patio lined with azaleas.

There are several tour guide books & newspapers (all free) readily available in most hotels & eating establishments that tell you about the restaurants and what to expect price wise before you go. There are many delightful places you can go and not be billed $400 and enjoy great cuisine.

Charleston is known for its historic old churches, beautiful gardens, iron gates, beaches, and historic homes and of course a stroll down King Street or High Battery. All of this is free!!!

True, there are many pricey things to do, but with a little effort on your part, you could’ve have had wonderful cuisine & a beautiful place to lay your head for much less money.

I hope you will visit The Holy City again and see her beauty, her flowers, her architecture, her iron gate, her gardens, her historic homes & churches.

Take a stroll down historic King Street or along High Battery or visit her wonderful beaches….all of this you can do for free.

I return to this beautiful city as often as I can.

There is something mesmerizing and charming about her that you can’t help but love.

Anne Welling Knox


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom