Tip of the Iceberg

The dastardly Boston marathon bombing was an act of terror, and no sane person can deny that fact. Another fact that cannot be denied is this: The plot succeeded exactly as planned. After all, what do terrorists want but to cause fear and panic by using death and destruction? Immediately following the bomb blasts, almost the entire city of Boston was shut down. The media, as usual, contributed greatly to the panic by rushing to “scoop” each other reporting rumors and unconfirmed reports as “breaking news” and generally making a bad situation worse by strident speculation.

This incident is the first successful terror attack on U.S. soil since 9/11/2001, but I feel that it won’t be the last. This year may turn out to be a summer of terror, as our vulnerabilities have been put on full display. Every time a small incident happens in a major city, all normal life is disrupted by a massive police and media reaction which has a natural ripple effect everywhere. The terrorists love this – we play right into their hands by ramping up the fear factor. In other countries where terrorist acts happen frequently, life goes on and normalcy is rarely interrupted for long. Israel has experienced bombings almost on a daily basis for years, yet they deal with it by not hiding but by being vigilant and letting their military and super-efficient intelligence services do their work.

There are not enough police or security cameras to protect every location every second of every day. Our military is tied up in Afghanistan and likely soon be with North Korea but cannot be used as police anyway due to Posse Comitatus. Are we going to shut down the nation and stop all activity when the next bomb attack occurs? Are we going to display more jingoistic bumper stickers while we hunker down in fear or are we going to be extra watchful and help to prevent or deter as many of the terrorist actions as possible?

This nation is open and vulnerable; it’s partly due to our culture of welcoming everyone and our basically toothless immigration policies. If we continue to let the terrorists and the media ramp up our fears, we are lost. This Boston incident is the tip of the iceberg it’s up to all of us to help us all.

Samuel Johns


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom