Utopian dependence

On what you say? Read on, the kindergartener was standing on the curb waiting for the school bus to pick him up. Mother was getting impatient; a cigarette in one hand and a government issued cell phone in the other. The thought of missing the start of her favorite soap was annoying her. Finally, the bus comes; she throws her cigarette butt into the gutter she moves into her section 11 housing. She reflects on her third year of unemployment benefits; “great” she echoes.

Her son on the other hand has visions of a free warm breakfast. He could eat what he wanted and throw the rest in the garbage can; many of his classmates did the same; after all there was always the free lunch coming up and snacks provided free at the after school program. After this he would be on his way home.

Mom was waiting to go to the store with a free purchase card in one hand and a cigarette in the other. “Hurry,” she said. They are off; there are two canned hams in the shopping cart; both will be used to barter for cigarettes along with several other items i. e. steaks.

It’s Saturday, her son has a high fever and cough. It’s out the door; son in one hand and aid for free medical care card in the other.

Both ride on public transportation with their free ride card. Wow, is the Emergency Department crowded this A. M. Now it’s the ER doctor, his exam finished he writes the scripts; it is another line waiting for the free prescriptions.

Soon the lifestyle becomes “wanting.” Sure, all the needs are being met by the government, but “wants” need some attention. We want a larger flat HD screen TV. We want free cable for our TV. We want to take a vacation. We want a new bicycle for my son; he forgot to bring his in last night and it was stolen. We want a car but the government has not started to provide for our wants.

We want new furniture throughout our section 11 apartment but the government will not meet our wants. Why can’t our government provide for these wants? The government is great at providing for our needs; give just a little more attention to our wants. By now ask yourself how much can the 50% who are working be taxed? Why would one be taxed when one can get into the system and exit their world of work? Exiting the world of work relieves one or required pressure to produce on an everyday job. I do not need to worry about lay offs.

I do not need to worry about a loss of benefits; my government now is providing all of these. All I want is a little more; why can’t my government tax the wealthy? Isn’t government my keeper? A little unknown secret; the wealthy can live anywhere, we can’t. The wealthy have the mean to enjoy life at a level we can only read and guess about.

The wealthy have access to a style of life that does not change with a change in the country they are living in. So what is to keep the wealthy in this country–nothing? After the wealthy are taxed out of the system; where will the tax money come from? Hey you, yes you, The last of the working middle class, guess who the fall guy will be?

The greatest kept secret of middle class existence we can’t run to live in another country. Thank God we do not live in Utopia . . . or do we?

John T. Kovich


Submitted by Virtual Newsroom